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The steep island of the big blue


The perfect location to disconnect from the rest of the world with wild nature and long history.

Amorgos – get ready to be seduced

Located at the south eastern edge of the Cyclades, Amorgos is only accessible by ferry and considered to be one of the most alluring of all Greek islands.

An off-the-beaten-track place that you need to explore for its secluded beaches, timeless traditions, picturesque villages, countless chapels, mouthwatering local dishes and most of all, authentic welcoming people. Absorb all the positive emotions that this intriguing Greek island has to offer.

Extra tip: Have you seen “The Big Blue” by Luc Besson? Before you visit the island, you must watch this classic film which sparked international interest for Amorgos and free diving as well.


Idyllic scenery

Being the second port of Amorgos, Aegiali is located northeast of the island with many shops, taverns, bars and cafes. Surrounded by small scenic mountainous villages of Potamos, Tholaria and Lagada, it has a long, sandy beach. Alternatively, there are also more isolated beaches nearby with crystal clear waters for those who wish to escape the crowds.

Adventure travelers will not be disappointed as diving and snorkeling are some of the options that will excite you. Last but not least, hikers can immerse themselves in the outdoors. Aegiali is the starting point for many trails. Extra tip: do not miss sunset in Aegiali. It will blow your mind and senses!


Peace of mind

Potamos village overlooks Aegiali bay, in northern Amorgos, and consists of Ano Potamos (upper river) and Kato Potamos (down river). Owing to its position, on the slopes of the mountain, the view is quite impressive and panoramic. An ideal place to rejuvenate as it combines quietness and memorable sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

Narrow alleys and whitewashed houses characterize this traditional village from where nature lovers can find hiking trails to explore unspoiled landscapes and get incredible views of the surroundings. Extra tip: No vehicles are allowed inside the village, making the atmosphere even more charming and authentic.